Why would you start a business on your own when, with limited resources, when you can join a partnership with ongoing support, marketing material, excellent training with low start-up costs. Discover more below:

Support and training

One of the main benefits of joining a partnership is the support network that you have access to. Head office will devise and execute a considerable amount of your marketing strategy. In addition, you will also have access to any training and systems that will aid you in running a successful business.

It is your business

Although you are following the SmartPA business model, you are your own boss. You will have control over the management and daily operations of your business but with the protection of being part of a much larger organization.

Proven business formula

Choosing to be part of a partnership is a more secure way of starting your own business. At its core, a partnership business model consists of a tried and tested approach. You will be part of an established brand – a significant advantage when looking to gain market share.

"SmartPA is a forward thinking partnership"
Christine Hewitt, SmartPA Partner

SmartPA is a forward thinking partnership empowering women (and men) to fulfill their own aspirations of becoming business owners. Their strong brand awareness and core values are of paramount importance.

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