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Michelle English | Real People Doing Real Jobs
Michelle needed a flexible work-life balance, especially as her son was starting school. Since launching her business, Michelle has made a real impact on her own life and the clients she supports. This is her story.
About SmartPA

Want to learn more about us? Watch our collection to get find out about our organisation.


We answer the most commonly asked questions about launching a business with SmartPA.

Mini Documentary

View our high-production films where we hear the individual stories of our SmartPAs.

Meet our SmartPAs

A collection of videos where you will get to meet our individual SmartPAs and find out what life is like when you launch your business with SmartPA.

5 Questions With

5 questions with is our series where we meet with each department here at Head Office and some of our SmartPAs to ask them 5 of our burning questions.

5 Questions With The Marketing Team
We recently caught up with Georgia from our Marketing team to ask 5 of our burning questions.
What do you value about being a SmartPA?
"I value the support I get" .. "A Dream Come True" ... Hear more about what our Partners value from SmartPA.
5 Questions With The Partnership Team
We recently caught up with Joanna from our Partnership team to ask 5 of our burning questions. The Partnership Team are here to support you through your journey to launching your own virtual assistant business with SmartPA.
Because of SmartPA, I was able to...
Our community of SmartPAs all work remotely, supporting their own clients. This has such a positive impact on many areas of their lives and the support they provide to businesses. With over 300 SmartPAs globally, we are proud to be impacting so many lives!
5 Questions With Nige Sterrick
We recently caught up with one of SmartPAs, Nige Sterrick to ask 5 of our burning questions.
Virtual Assistant Business-in-a-Box
With SmartPA your future is what you make it. When you become a member of our Partnership community and work from home with SmartPA’s business-in-a-box, you’ll reap the rewards of flexible working, comprehensive training, lifelong business support, brand marketing, mentoring programmes and more.

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