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SmartPA Partnership Pricing

What is the investment?

We’re committed to empowering and supporting success. That’s why we offer government-funded backing to start a SmartPA Partnership business that will allow you to take control of your own future.

Everything – from initial training to start-up costs - is fully-funded. And it will allow you to transform your lifestyle, acquire more flexibility when you need it and earn what you’re worth.

The SmartPA Business Opportunity

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£15,000 (+VAT)

  • Part of recognised industry leading brand
  • Expert training programme and SmartPA accreditation
  • Full access to the SmartPA Hub
  • Secured clients and paid work from head office
  • SmartPA holiday plan
  • Innovative technology, including SmartPA Workflow
  • Tried-and-tested business model with proven success
  • Excellent ongoing support, all year round
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Low set up costs and overheads
  • Flexible business model
Tracy Venning Full Size

"I was looking for a change and was keen to run my own business"

I was looking for a change and was keen to run my own business. I came across SmartPA while researching various opportunities and thought it was a perfect fit where I could utilise my skill set. I decided to invest after talking to other SmartPA Partners and based on their positive feedback of the Partnership and the support offered by Head Office.

Tracy Venning, SmartPA Partner

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