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Nicky Thomas Success Story

"I really can 'have it all!'"

Before SmartPA, I had closed down my business of 10 years and was taking 2 years out to spend time with my children. I love working for myself and have always preferred it.

I found it very difficult to find a way of getting back to work and managing to look after my children, so my only viable choice was to start another business. It wasn’t a difficult decision because I love the flexibility and freedom of working for myself.

Nicky Thomas

With SmartPA, I loved the idea of starting my business without the risk or trying to start up from scratch, alone. Also, knowing that I have specialist expertise just a phone call away to help guide the growth of my business and miss many of the pitfalls of doing it alone. The training, support and setup help are invaluable.

The training helped me on many levels and prepared me for launch. It helped me to understand the industry I am stepping into so that I can talk about it with authority and identify opportunities going forward. After not working for 2 years, it also got me back in the saddle and got my brain working again. You don’t realise how out of practice you are! The first assignment really got me focused. It really helped me to think about all the elements of the business I am planning to grow and prepared me to take on pretty much any task that is sent my way. Importantly, it also gave me the confidence in myself that I did have all the skills I need to make this franchise a success.

Launching my business was exciting and fulfilling! My ‘Bonus Client’ was a great step up on the ladder. It’s regular work straightaway to get you started and earn that all-important income. It takes the pressure off a little, so that you can focus on getting more work without worrying that there is no money coming in.

The SmartPA team have been extremely supportive and are always there to answer questions and provide support when required. It is great to have a team of people behind me, ‘rooting’ for my business and wanting me to succeed. In September my youngest daughter will be in full time school and I am already starting to think about my ‘ramp up’ plan. By this time next year I would like to be experiencing growth that allows me to move into an office with a member of staff.

It might seem insignificant but going back to working after 2 years and working out how work and family commitments bolt together successfully is a tough job! I am now finding a good routine of work and kids (even in the holidays) that works for everyone which is a great feeling. It takes a lot of organisation but it gives me a huge sense of fulfilment to know that I really can ‘have it all!’

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