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Emma-Jane Kerr Success Story

"I really believe in the SmartPA model"

Prior to SmartPA, I was a full time mother to my son following maternity leave from the Ministry of Defence. It was always my intention to return to work when my son reached 2 years old.

I just needed a role that would fit round my childcare arrangements and save on the daily commute. These were limited.

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I met a SmartPA Partner by chance who told me a bit about her role and day-to-day tasks. I knew SmartPA was right for me. I really believe in the SmartPA model. It was not only an improved, cost-effective service for businesses but it is also an opportunity for potential Partners to manage their own business and gain a better work/life balance. Every SmartPA Partner I have spoken to has been very positive about their journey and were busy with work. To date I have heard no negative comments

SmartPA training was fantastic and has a great flow! The assignments are great validation that we have understood each of the workbooks, as well as constantly referring back to the SmartPA Brand. The training has provided me with all the SmartPA features and benefits along with guidance on how to handle any problems with solutions. Personally, it was a great transition for me when returning to work after maternity leave.

When launching my SmartPA business, I was slightly nervous but excited when I saw my launch email! I was very proud about completing the training programme which led nicely into selling something I was so passionate about.

I launched in early December 2015 and, although many companies were planning their Christmas leave and office shutdowns, it was the perfect opportunity to provide cover during the busy festive period. I was approached by SmartPA Head Office to provide temporary support in the run up to and over the Christmas period for a client. Following this cover, the client wished to engage my services on a permanent basis to support their ongoing business growth. I continue to support this client and really enjoy the work.

SmartPA Head Office have been incredible! A truly professional and friendly team who continue to support me on a regular basis. I have complete peace of mind knowing that during holidays and sickness my clients are in great hands and receiving the same professional service.

My biggest achievement so far was when I won my very own client. The client was already convinced that the SmartPA model would fit comfortably within their business so it was a case of selling my skills and achievements. I really enjoy working with this client and I’m very excited at the opportunities that lie ahead of us.

Over the next year, I see my SmartPA business expanding and it is hoped that I am able to recruit to support the work commitments of my clients who are also expanding across the World.


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