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Daniella Khan Success Story

"They gave me the tools to succeed"

Before I became a SmartPA Partner, I was a stay-at-home mum, looking after my 2 boys. My biggest challenge as an employee was maintaining a good work/life balance and juggling childcare – I felt constantly torn between my responsibilities to my employer and taking care of my children.

I was not performing either role to the best of my abilities, I was always left feeling guilty and that I was letting someone down.

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Once my youngest went to school, I started looking for a new job. I had taken 5 years off from work – the cost of childcare was prohibitive to working part or full time. After a couple of months I realised that I was not going to find suitable employment due to my personal circumstances and lack of opportunity where I lived. By chance I came across SmartPA and following a chat with Andrew Wright, it seemed that working for myself was the perfect solution and SmartPA helped me to make that a reality. The rest is history!

I chose SmartPA for 2 reasons. Firstly, the two SmartPA co-founders Andrew Wright and Sarra Bejaoui. Secondly, SmartPA allows me to earn money, have a career and raise my family. It’s flexible for me, my children and my clients.

The training was comprehensive and SmartPA Head Office very supportive. They gave me the tools to succeed. I was very lucky that I had a client before I actually launched, it was someone I had contacted from my own network. Winning my first client was a great feeling and the same goes for every other client I have won since. It really motivates you, gives you belief in yourself and what we do at SmartPA.

The support from Head Office has been fantastic! In the beginning (when I needed it most), I had a lot of support from the team. More recently I have not needed to rely on SmartPA for support as such but, most importantly, I know help is there if I need it.

This time next year, I very much hope to be in a similar position to now – I am managing 5 clients and working at a level that mainly feels comfortable. I am very proud of keeping a business running successfully for 3 years and still loving it!



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